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9 March 2018



Jokowi Inaugurates JIIPE Industrial Area in Gresik

News | Mar 9, 2018

TEMPO.COJakarta - President Jokowi inaugurated today the Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) in Gresik, East Java.

“By saying Bismillah (in the name of God), I officially open the JIIPE in Gresik, East Java, I hope there will be no licensing problems because it will open up jobs for us,” the president said during the inauguration ceremony on Friday, March 9, 2018.

The JIIPE area has an Industrial Area Business Permit measuring 1,760 hectares with a 23-megawatt (MW) power plant.

The area is equipped with a water treatment plant, a gas pipeline connected to the gas pipeline of state-owned gas distributor Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), fiber optic telecommunication system, broadband internet, and ports.

The JIIPE comprises several areas, viz. Port Estate, Heavy Industry, Medium Industry, Light Industry, Commercial, Ports and Residential Areas targeted to accommodate about 183 industries projected to absorb investments of Rp83.2 trillion.

Currently, there are 8 companies investing in the JIIPE, including 2 companies that are already operative, 2 companies in the process of building factories, and 4 others planning to commence construction.

Infrastructure in the JIIPE, however, will still need to be developed, including the widening of Daendels Road, the 11 kilometers of rail connections from Duduk Sampeyan Station to JIIPE, and so the Krian-Legundi-Bunder-Manyar toll road that leads to the JIIPE.

Jokowi Inaugurates JIIPE Industrial Area in Gresik

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