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29 March 2018



AKR Land Expands Residential Expansion in Manado

News | Mar 29, 2018

AKR Land Development continues to expand residential areas in Manado City, North Sulawesi Province (Sulut), following high consumer demand.

"Demand for new housing in Manado City and its surroundings is quite high, so we continue to open new clusters," said Chief Executive Officer of AKR Land Development, Edhi Susanto, in Manado, Thursday (29/3).

Edhi said that the potential for the housing market in North Sulawesi is still very large, and it would be a shame if it is not utilized. "We are not only doing business, but also helping people in North Sulawesi get better homes, with complete facilities," he said.

AKR Land Development will launch the Beryl cluster in the new city development area in Manado. This residence is the second cluster in Kawanua Emerald City.

Edhi said that his party believes that the presence of this new cluster will attract consumers in North Sulawesi and other big cities in Indonesia.

"We see that property consumer interest in Manado is very high, so in the near future we will launch a new cluster," he explained.

National General Manager of Sales & Marketing of AKR Land Development, Ferry Markus, said that this new cluster will provide around 156 units. The housing in the Beryl cluster is marketed starting from Rp. 500 million, with installments starting from Rp. 4 million.

"We are very optimistic that the products we offer will be sold. We estimate that after being marketed, they will be sold in no more than one month. Currently, even though it has not been officially launched, the cluster has sold nearly 20 units," he explained.

AKR Land Expands Residential Expansion in Manado

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