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Gallery West, Jakarta

What are the residential options at AKR Gallery West?

1-bedroom to 4-bedroom Apartments, Garden Homes, Special Collection and Penthouse Unit.

How spacious is the units at AKR Gallery West on average?

Apartments ranges from 51 to 128 sqm, and Offices from 94.1 to 212 sqm or 1 floor (+ 1400 sqm).

What is the conceptual difference between Special Collections and Garden Homes?

Special Collection is a luxury residential apartment with superior specifications. Garden Homes is a residence on the ground floor with residential feel and direct access to the garden with high specification and choice of access through flower garden.

When is the handover time?

The handover is planned to start on June 2016 with 120 days grace period.

What are the payment methods for purchasing the units at AKR Gallery West?

The payment methods available are Hard Cash (full payment in a month), KPA and 30x staged payment options. The payment procedures may change at any time. For more information, please contact our Marketing at (021) - 5308999.

What facilities are included in the purchase of an Apartment at AKR Gallery West?

Typical (standard) units include high quality sanitary wares and fittings with shower, AC installation, water heater installation, TV installation, video phone, phone line and water supply.

Garden Homes and Special Collection include facilities such as kitchen set (stoveglass, kitchen hood, sink, and granite top table), premium sanitary wares and fittings with rain shower, ready to use water heater, ready to use AC, phone line, video phone, plumbing, decorated dry garden foyer, as well as Smart Homes for TV power, lighting and AC. For more information, please contact our Marketing at (021) - 5308999.

How much is the service charge?

Service charge will be determined by the Apartment Management, which will be appointed one year before the building is finished. The charged amount will depend on PLN’s electricity cost and PDAM’s water supply cost determined by the Indonesian government at that time.

What are the renovation procedures for my apartment / office?

Renovation is allowed after handover of units with applicable regulations (according to the House Rules) and supervision from Building Management.

How much electric power is available?

1 BR = 2200 VA, 2 BR = 3500 VA, 3 BR = 5500 VA. Electric power can be increased in accordance with applicable regulations.

How much parking space is available?

There is parking space for approximately 1300 cars. Special parking floors are provided for apartment residents.

What is the impact of 3 transmitter towers around AKR Gallery West?

The transmitters use radio waves, which according to ITB survey released by the Telecommunications and Micro-wave Laboratory in July 2007 has "a radiation level far below the threshold for human health, therefore harmless to human health" (conclusion page 21).





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